About Spice Season

        At Spice Season, we take our inspiration from the variety of herbs and spices found throughout the world. It's not often people remember that sometimes, the flavors they love the most come from fragrant spices hidden in the recipe.  We want you to be just as charmed by our unique cuisine as you are by the bohemian dining experience.


In our kitchen, you’ll come across some homestyle favorites, but with a few tweaks here and there. Every item on our menu has been crafted into a perfect blend from a variety of spices and good ol’ homespun cooking. Your well-being is our top priority too, so we put the utmost value in the ingredients we use. As part of our family, expect to eat like family: enjoy organic tofu, organic vegetables when possible, and absolutely no msg.



   Our chefs use a unique approach of mixing home-style cooking with exotic yet delicious spices to recreate popular fusion dishes while reinventing a few others. For each dish, we want the spices to be the standout feature; the main focus of most of our dishes will be the unique ways we  implement foreign spices into both old and new dishes.  


    Some of our dishes will be South East Asian and Asian Fusion inspired, featuring signature spices collected from their respective places of origin around the world. Some of our dishes will be old favorites you might find in any home or casual kitchen, but with a few of our tweaks thrown in here and there. And some of them may just be entirely new to you. Regardless, we promise that you may find yourself a little surprised by the familiar.

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